My new life begins somewhere like here.

I am back. Back to blogging. Back to my goals. Back to building my life with relentless honesty and curiosity. Back to being 100% myself, without compromising or waiting.

It wasn’t always like this. In fact, I just left a 6 year relationship (2.5 of those years being married) that was important, but not based in the right things. Like love or respect, for example. This isn’t to say that I didn’t love, but rather, I was not honest about the TYPE of love I felt…and didn’t feel. I was not honest with myself about my significant doubts and fears about marriage, figuring I would “sort it out” like I had heard women do in arranged marriages. My separation inspired me to begin writing again.

I used to write, you know. Like I used to dance. It’s funny how I think and type those labels so easily, as if I am incapable of conjuring that magic anymore. As if it is long buried in the dusty crevices of what I once was. Good thing I am a good magician, I suppose. I am still a writer (and a dancer), as it turns out.

Out of a desire to use this as my journal so that I can share my innermost philosophies and thoughts, everyone in this blog will remain anonymous and unnamed except for initials where needed.

So, to whomever finds this blog…trusted friend or random internet reader alike, here is a collection of my stories.

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