fuck. i wrote a love poem.

This is “Catch” … for the one who isn’t exactly my type, but he’s beneath my skin anyway.


You break the rules with that sly grin

that glimmer of wildness lingering in your eyelashes

dusting the space between us with anxious curiosity,

It only took you a couple of weeks.


You came breezing in, brushing past my wherewithal

and quietly making your home in my thoughts.

Right time, right place, right lyrics

so I know it’s not some blind coincidence.


I fear my heart is in trouble

It’s been effortlessly slit open with

ska and beer and sincere words

what an odd romance pools beneath us,


but neither of us can deny that our shoes are red

so here we are again,

in the screen-light at midnight

coaxing another cozy truth from its slumber


and I wonder what comes next

when the rubber hits the road

and our story unfolds, unravels,

unwinding between increasingly careless fingers,


the same fingers that shiver across my skin,

a tremble bred from the past’s torrid lovers,

and yet we still pretend it’s simple lust

instead, it’s trust and both of us are falling.


Let’s see where we catch.

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3 Responses to fuck. i wrote a love poem.

  1. hansales1088 says:

    You know I think I looked up poetry or something and your poem came up. I am not actually sure but I am happy that I found you!

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